Us at Monashee Spirits take our cocktails very seriously, and we mean VERY! We don’t do food, we don’t serve wine or beer, we just make cocktails - and we make them damn good. Specialized high end, craft made drinks that would stand up to the likes of any cocktail bar from Vancouver to New York. Our highly talented bartenders and mixologists showcase stunning unique cocktails from traditional styles to new age and experimental made with our in house distilled spirits and cocktail bitters.

revelstoke cocktails monashee gin


Organic Ethos Gin infused with butterfly pea flowers to create a blue coloring changing gin. Add fresh lemon juice, Maraschino Cherry Liqueur and house made Lavender Simple. Garnished with a dehydrated blood orange and black sugar.

revelstoke whisky cocktail bar


Duck Fat? Yes. We wash Sazerac Rye with organic duck fat, freeze it, separate it then blend it with a house made balsamic honey reduction, brown sugar, heavy on the Peychauds Bitters and then finish it by lighting it on fire with an atomized blend of Chartreuse and Absinthe.

negroni gin cocktail revelstoke


Whats better than a Negroni? How about one made entirely of BC Craft Spirits? Or even better, why not all local ingredients and then we put it into a cedar smoked whisky barrel and aged it for 1 YEAR! Our Ethos Gin, Odd Society’s Bittersweet Vermouth and The Woods Distilling Co. craft made Amaro form the base of this phenomenal cocktail. Blended with our house made Grapefruit Bitters then the entire cocktail is smoked in Maple Wood, garnished with a dehydrated orange and sprinkled with Campari Dust ( dehydrated alcohol ). If you said this was the best cocktail you have ever had you would not be the first to tell us that.

MONASHEE MULE                                  2oz        $11
Vodka, house made rosemary syrup, ginger beer, lime, Bitter Hearts Corona bitters. We obviously had to keep this one in fear of all your threats!! Served in copper mule mug.

24 CARROT                                          1.5oz      $12
Turmeric-infused Vodka, ginger syrup, carrot juice, honey, Angostura bitters, celery.We wanted to call this Body Break, but the guys across the street have been here longer than us. Well played Idiots!

COSMO 75                                                    2oz        $13
Vodka, Therapy Vineyards Fizzio Blanc, house made orange / cranberry compote and lime.   

THE MOST EPIC CAESAR*                        2oz         $14
Monashee Garlic or Chilli vodka, Bitter Hearts Celery bitters, house blended Caesar mud, Walter Craft Caesar Mix. THIS THING IS A MEAL!!!
Garnished with everything we could possibly put onto it.
*Make it a Hot Karl by adding a Pizza Pop + $3

SECTION 9                                           2.5oz     $12
Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Aperol, Dry Vermouth, Bitter Hearts Spiced Orange bitters.
A riff on the classic Negroni. Ask one of our bartenders for the long-winded story about Article 1 of the US Constitution.

WHISKY SOUR                                             2oz         $14
Bearface 7yrs old Whisky, house blended orange liqueur, lemon, rich simple syrup, egg white, Bitter Hearts House Aromatic Bitters.
As loyal and friendly as your old dog Mr. Fluffy.

DUCK FAT SAZERAC                              2oz      $19
Duck fat-washed Sazerac rye, balsamic honey reduction, Peychaud’s bitters, flamed Taboo Absinthe & Chartreuse. Wait, what? Duck fat? Our most experimental cocktail on the menu. Vegans be warned.

VESPER & TONIC                                  2.5oz      $13
Ethos Gin, Vodka, Lillet, tonic syrup, soda.
Ian Fleming’s original recipe first appeared in Casino Royale. Shaken, not stirred. We think Mr. Bond would approve.

WINTER GIMLET                                         2oz         $12
Smoked Lapsang Ethos gin, lime cordial, Bitter Hearts Lapsang & Peach bitters. Ponderosa Pine garnish with salt rim.

A-STAR                                                           2oz         $12
Ethos Blue Gin, Luxardo Maraschino, lavender syrup, dehydrated lemon.

HIBERNATION                                            2oz        $14
Bear Aware Brandy, Chartreuse, Maraschino, Lemon
Our Bear Aware Brandy was made entirely of gleaned fruit from around Revelstoke by the LFI, ourselves and volunteers.

VULCAN’S FLIP                                      2oz        $12
Pear-infused Vulcan’s Fire, S.O.V. Amaretto, Martini Rosso, an entire whole god damn egg and fresh grated nutmeg.

CREAMER BRÛLÉE                                     2oz       $14
Stoke Roasted Espresso-infused Vodka, Big Mountain Creamer, crème anglaise, caramelized sugar.

MULLED APPLE CIDER                             2oz       $13
Vodka, Apple cider, mulling spices, Vulcan’s Fire and salted caramel whip.

BARREL-AGED (while supplies last)
B.C. NEGRONI                                              3oz      $18
Ethos Gin, Woods Amaro, Odd Society Bittersweet Vermouth, Bitter Hearts Grapefruit bitters, dehydrated Campari, cherry wood smoke.
Aged in a cedar smoked ex-rye barrel for 10 months.

OCCIDENTAL MARTINEZ                       2oz       $12
Ethos Gin, Martini Rosso, Martini Dry, Luxardo Maraschino, washed Cabernet Franc Red Wine.
Aged in an Ex-Red Wine barrel for 6 months.

Vulcans Fire                                                              $7
Cinnamon Toast Crunch                                              $7
SHOTSKI (5 shots)                                                    $28

SHRUBS (non-alcoholic)                                            $4
A drinking vinegar syrup blended with soda water to create a mocktail infused with fruits, herbs and spices in lieu of pop or juice. Served in a cocktail martini glass with salted rim and garnish.

Flavours: Quince, Black Currant, Cucumber, and Apple Mint

Winterlicious is a vegan rye milk stout made in collaboration with our friends at Doan’s Craft Brewing in Vancouver. We took the vegan syrup base from our Big Mt. Creamer to add that creamy smoothness you’d expect in a milk stout, without the use of lactose. While supplies last!


PIZZA POPS                                                                 $6

Local, free-range and organic pizza pops sourced from the Monashee Mountain range with exotic cheeses from Moose Jaw Saskatchewan. Just kidding, they are Pillsbury and we cannot pronounce any of the ingredients on the label. Microwaved to perfection. Yum!!!

MODERN PRETZEL                                                  $6
Fresh baked from the Modern Bake Shop across the street using our spent used grains from the distilling process. Heavily salted and served toasted with a dollop of grainy Dijon mustard. 


Don’t like the food we have to offer? Go across the street and eat at the Idiot! OR Have another cocktail instead!!!  OR….. maybe, if you have a favorite restaurant in town that delivers or does take out? Bring it in and enjoy it here with us! Ask staff for some take out menus of our favorite places in town!